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What's Triggering You? EMDR for Anxiety, Depression, and Stress

Ever experience a surprising surge of emotions that catch you off guard? Ever wonder why your reactions sometimes feel "SO BIG"?

Picture this: You're waiting for your partner, they're 30 minutes late, and negative thoughts flood your mind. When they finally arrive, you find yourself overreacting, accusing them disproportionately. What's really going on here? It's not just about being late; it's about past experiences shaping your emotional response. Perhaps your upbringing left you feeling unsupported, and your partner's tardiness brings up old wounds, triggering a heightened reaction.

Our brains and nervous systems store memories and "feeling states." Like a traffic light, our emotional states can be categorized into:

Red - Shutdown, Depressed, and Isolating from Others

Yellow - On Edge, Anxious, Stressed

Green - Connected, Safe, Grounded


How much time do you spend in each zone? Repeatedly residing in the yellow and red zones can be draining and stressful as well as damaging to our health. Imagine the relief of spending more time in the green zone, feeling calm and connected.

Ever had a good day disrupted by a comment that sends you into an uncomfortable place? Suddenly, you're on edge, stressed, and reactive, pushed into your yellow or red zone. Are frequent triggers hindering your enjoyment of life? Emotional wounds may weigh you down, contributing to anxiety, stress, and depression.

Enter EMDR therapy – a solution to process those "stuck" feelings, allowing you to become less reactive and spend more time in the green zone. Picture these stuck feelings as misplaced files in your emotional storage room. EMDR therapy helps organize these "files," process lingering emotions, and diminish the distress associated with old feelings.

Benefits of EMDR Therapy:

  • Emotional Freedom: Release and process "stuck" feelings, freeing you from emotional baggage.

  • Reduced Reactivity: Experience fewer overreactions, allowing for more balanced responses.

  • Enhanced Well-Being: Navigate life with fewer stumbling blocks, contributing to reduced anxiety, stress, and depression.

  • Improved Connections: Spend more time in the green zone, fostering calmness and stronger connections with others.

  • ·Present Living: EMDR therapy facilitates a lighter, less reactive you, allowing you to be more present and engaged in your daily life.

EMDR therapy: unlocking a lighter, less reactive you and cultivating a life filled with emotional well-being and connection.

Contact Budd Therapy today for a consultation to see how EMDR therapy can help you find more peace and connection in your life,


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