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Clinical Supervision and Consulting

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Clinical Supervision   


Sue Tepper is certified in Clinical Supervision and has completed both Rutgers Clinical Supervision course and the Rutgers University SIFI (advanced Seminar in Field Instruction) course.

Outlined in the New Jersey Social Work regulations, all licensed social workers who are completing hours towards their clinical licensure must receive one hour per week of supervision by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who is certified in Clinical Supervision.

More information can be found under NJ Regulations, Subchapter 8 - Clinical Supervision of the New Jersey Social Work Licensing Board.   


Consulting services are available to clinicians who are struggling with difficult cases or just need another experienced therapist to discuss cases.  Sue brings experience from many different treatment modalities and clients presenting with a wide range of symptoms. She has extensive knowledge working with childhood trauma, dissociation and dissociative identity disorder as well as treating many clients experiencing anxiety and panic attacks. 

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