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Can EMDR Therapy Help Process Recent Trauma Utilizing Early Intervention Protocols?

EMDR Therapy for Recent Trauma
Help Process Recent Trauma with EMDR Therapy

Accidents, natural disasters, mass shootings and traumatic experiences can create feelings of fear, anxiety, stress, and panic.  People survive the traumatic event only to have the memory continue to affect their nervous system , which can result in repetitive and intrusive thoughts.  EMDR Early Interventions Protocols (EEI) are specialized applications of EMDR designed to address recent traumatic experiences, typically those occurring within the past few weeks or months.

EMDR Early Interventions can help to process and recover from recent traumatic experiences by:

·      Providing a structured and evidence-based approach to trauma therapy.

·      Allowing for rapid processing and integration of traumatic memories, reducing distress and symptoms associated with recent traumatic events.

·      Facilitating adaptive coping mechanisms and promoting resilience in the face of recent trauma.

·      Helping individuals regain a sense of control and empowerment over their experiences.

·      Supporting emotional healing and recovery, ultimately improving overall wellbeing and quality of life.


The therapists at Budd Therapy Group are trained in administering the EMDR Early Intervention Protocols (EEI) assisting clients to recover from a recent traumatic event.  They provide a safe environment to help to desensitize the emotional charge associated with the memory, making it less distressing over time.  Most clients can get relief after four sessions.


Contact the therapists at to get the relief you deserve.  Don’t let trauma continue to affect you long after the event.  You don’t have to continue to suffer, there is relief.  All sessions are confidential.

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