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Our Services

In-Person Counseling

While some people prefer online therapy, others benefit more from in person, face to face session. In person counseling is conducted in the therapist’s office which is private.


Our office is designed to provide a safe, caring, and confidential environment to promote healing.


Conveniently located in Basking Ridge, New Jersey.  Close to Morristown and Bridgewater, near Route 287 and Route 78.


Telecounseling is also known as distance therapy. When in-person appointments are not an option, distance therapy is a great choice. 

Budd Therapy uses Zoom and EMDR Remote, which are HIPAA compliant and secure. 

You will need access to the internet either by phone or computer, and a space where you will not be disturbed or overheard.


EMDR intensives refers to a concentrated form of EMDR treatment; sessions are two to three hours, half day sessions, rather than weekly sixty-minute sessions.  It allows for a more in-depth processing of distressing experiences or traumatic memories, leaving more capacity for change and or healing.  Clients report leaving sessions feeling lighter and more energized.

Treatment Areas

We have helped people to deal with many issues, especially those caused by negative experiences and trauma that have happened in life.

We work with clients who are dealing with anxiety, performance anxiety, depression and panic, especially those clients who are affected by everyday pressures of fitting in, being perfect, being the top of their class.  


We have also helped clients who are going through life’s transitions such as going to college, a mid-life crisis, or dealing with an empty nest.

You may find it helpful to explore some of the issues we treat, below.


Are you experiencing . . .

  • Since the trauma, have you felt on edge much of the time?

  • Do you startle easily?

  • Have you been feeling irritable?

  • What is your sleep like?

  • Have you had difficulty concentrating?

  • Did something disturbing happen to you that you can’t forget?

  • Do you have nightmares and daymares?

  • Do you experience racing heart, sweaty hands, stomach upset?

  • Does your fear control your life?

  • Do you suffer from panic attacks?

Experiencing or witnessing a frightening, dangerous, or violent events can overwhelm our body's natural coping abilities. Exposure to death, injury, abuse, or sexual violence often causes trauma. Other more common life events like job stress, divorce, or accidents can cause a trauma response as well.


People respond to trauma in many different ways. EMDR and other therapy can help.  EMDR therapy is designed to resolve unprocessed traumatic memories in the brain. For many clients, signs of trauma like those above will diminish or disappear once EMDR therapy is complete.

Anxiety, Panic, and Depression

Are you experiencing . . .


  • Waking up in the morning with a heaviness in your heart?

  • Do you struggle finding joy or looking forward to anything in your day?

  • Do you experience episodes of worry or panic throughout your day?

  • Is it hard to get any tasks completed, do you lack motivation?

  • Do you want to stop worrying about everything and just be happy?

You deserve to have joy in your life, to feel good about yourself and look forward to each new day; we can help you with that.  When you first meet with us, we will explore the origins of your thoughts and feelings, when did it start, what has worked in the past.  Then together we will explore what triggers your feelings and you will learn ways to cope with it.  Through EMDR and IFS we can tackle the emotions that are keeping you stuck and help you to change the negative believes that plague you.

Performance Anxiety

Are you experiencing . . .


  • Before you perform do you feel a heaviness in your heart?

  • Do you struggle finding joy or looking forward to performing?

  • Is your focus on I can't do this and I am not good enough?

  • Do you hands get sweaty, does your heart race?

  • Do you just want to find your confidence?

Through EMDR therapy, we help you move the negative thoughts that are keeping you from performing at your optimal level.  You will explore and process the origins of your negative thoughts to overcome your beliefs.  EMDR will help you to release the toxic mental states and allow you to experience more peace, confidence and better self-efficacy.  EMDR will focus on installing positive thoughts and feelings towards future events.

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